5 Results from Successful Engagement

November 13, 2009

Good communication is less about producing communiqués and more about cultivating relationships. This is a true paradigm switch, from a model in which you design and assemble messages to one in which you till, plant, nurture, weed, and harvest affinities. Thus is the nature of engagement. This is a living model, rather than a mechanical one. Here are 5 results of this approach:

  1. Your message goes fast and far, creating traction, involvement, participation, and buy-in.
  2. You generate good will. People spend less time in a reactive mode, judging your efforts and more time pitching in, telling you what they think, and helping to create solutions.
  3. People perceive that you understand their needs, perspectives, and potential. They see genuine evidence of their success in yours and you do the same. It is a reciprocal relationship.
  4. You weave your brand into the social fabric, connecting it to the events and unpredictable circumstances of everyday life. In this way it becomes practical, integrated, gaining traction and business growth as events unfold.
  5. You achieve sustainability as a market force. The myriad brains, hearts, and hands that support your work will create a web of support that is difficult to undo.

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