3 Levels of Performance

November 12, 2009

Free agents tend to fall in one of three levels of performance:

1. Barely Surviving – getting along from gig to gig, stumbling through opportunities, always feeling they could be making more, doing less, but forever swamped trying to catch up.

2. Kicking into Gear – picking up real business skills, building a brand, learning how to engage the right clients more often, building a resume of impressive clients, developing their craft.

3. High Achievement – taking the time to think and reflect, doing work that energizes and excites them, building a body of work, collaborating with clients to create extraordinary results, becoming exceptional artists in their field.

Take a moment for an honest self-assessment. Where are you? None is right or wrong, though there is some urgency to move out of 1 into 2 and 3.  Each of these has a clear set of challenges, a road map for development and success.

If you are barely surviving, find a mentor who can help you get to the next level so you can begin to experience the joys associated with really running a business that sustains you.

If you’re kicking into gear, it’s time to set your sights on affluence, creating the time you need  and the work you love to rise to your highest potential. This happens by developing excellence with the basics and learning how to execute them with the sensitivity of an artist.

If you’re in high achievement, you have a great opportunity to build a legacy, contribute to the world, help your peers to rise, and savor the finer pleasures.

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