When You’re Under Pressure, Use a Pressure Cooker

November 11, 2009

How does a pressure cooker work? žSteam efficiently transfers cooking heat rapidly to foods upon contact without burning or damaging. In a similar fashion, the pressures in your life transfer heat to you, setting the stage for powerful transformation.  Ever heard the phrase, If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you strong?

Pressure cookers work on delicate, tender items just as they do on dense, large foods like chunks of frozen meat. Just so, the pressures in your life transform all aspects of your being, working on easy and difficult challenges alike.


žWhy isn’t food pulverized in a pressure cooker? It’s all in the physics: As long as pressure is uniform on all surfaces of an object, it won’t be distorted. žSimilarly, when pressures hit you from all sides, you don’t have to be overwhelmed. Instead you can allow the forces at hand to rebuild, reorganize, and revamp your productivity.

Steam has six times the heat potential when it condenses on a cool food product. Likewise, stress has the capacity to raise you to a new level of personal performance.

What pressures are you laboring under? Answer these two questions: (1) My biggest challenges are…  (2) The forces bearing down on me are…

Here’s the kicker – the answers to these questions define your opportunity for transformation. Let’s say your biggest challenge is finding a client who will take advantage of all you have to offer. Once you crack this nut, you will be able to reliably, systematically engage a whole new quality of client, one who raises your game and signs on for ever larger contracts that make use of your entire capacity.

Or, let’s say your biggest challenge is raising 10k in the next 30 days. Get this down and you will always have that skill set in your back pocket – that’s a great skill to have.

One after the other, the pressures you  face mold you into an extraordinary human being. Work them for the magic they provide  – get the most out of your trials. These are the forces of your transformation – use them to your advantage.

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