Create Tools not Brochures

November 10, 2009

Brochures are ancient – they hearken back to the days when marketing meant advertising. Advertising is for commodities. What you do is special, unrepeatable, and unique.  Instead of wasting peoples’ time by telling them all about your cool services, put a tool in their hands.  Give them something they can put to use and they’ll begin to associate real value with your good name.

Can you develop a template, assessment, framework, diagnostic, step-by-step instruction, or form that generates real results for your clients?  If so, get it out there. Get it into their hands. Make it so.  Then, create another and another. Before long you will have a full toolbox that you can whip out in a wide variety of situations.  Better, your clients will associate you with results – that’s the best way to build a brand.


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kathy Magrino, Seth Kahan. Seth Kahan said: Create Tools not Brochures http://bit.ly/3p6L2z […]

  2. Awesome insight Seth. I’m working on it now!

  3. Hi Seth –

    Great idea! A client of mine is developing a product specifically aimed at helping consultants grow their business with assessments. One of the offerings is the ability to easily have a short assessment on your web site that educates prospects as you are saying. It has the added benefit of qualifying prospects and shortening the consultants’ sales cycle.

    Thanks! Lisa

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