Pump Up Your Pipeline with a Surge

November 9, 2009

The great thing about being a free agent is that you can take time off when you want to. The key word is want. All too often free agents find themselves without clients when they need them most and feel forced to hustle. The situation can turn into a panicked scramble to bring in business.  Instead, plan regular marketing surges. It’s that simple. A surge is a time-bound, high-intensity effort to engage clients, stoking your pipeline and increasing your good name.

Every surge has five components:
1. A timespan: it starts with a launch and ends with a deadline.
2. An anchor: the surge is connected to a real event such as a holiday, a news event, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
3. Bundles of value:  multiple ways for your clients to get in on the action and get the results they yearn for
4. Multiple media:  reaching people to connect via Internet, voice2voice, and face2face
5. Progressve calls to action: making it clear what the client can do to get access to the goodies, leading them down a path of greater and greater value: eg., join in this free tele-seminar, buy this book, enroll in this seminar.

Surges produce results, but not always immediately. Plan several every year. They take energy and follow-through, but pay dividends. Follow-through is particularly important. After your surge is launched, be ready to jump in when your clients respond. They expect immediate response and when you deliver it, they are in your hands.


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