Increase Revenue by Finding More Opportunity for Existing Clients

November 4, 2009

When you are fully engaged with a client, you are in the best possible position to help them identify new areas where an investment in your services will improve their situation.

I do keynote speeches, 15-30 each year.  In 2007 I was asked to do a keynote for a large healthcare organization.  It was a presentation for 4800 people and my fee was 10k. In discussion with the woman who hired me, I suggested we produce a 3-minute video of their conference (you will find this short gem on my website if you go looking – it’s the 3rd one down).  I would direct it, be the man-on-the-street interviewer in it, and oversee the editing. That added another 10k. As long as we had a camera crew on location, I suggested, why don’t we bring together the chief celebrities and the movers-and-shakers of the industry into a makeshift studio and I’d do a series of 30 minute interviews that could be used by the marketing department in the year ahead. That added another 10k to my engagement. In each case, the value was sufficient to justify the client’s investment and I ended up earning 30k in 3 very busy days. I never had so much fun in my life!

If you focus relentlessly on helping your clients to better their circumstances, you will find they welcome your ideas. Keep a laser focus on additional ways your work can upgrade, enhance, or raise their condition. Make suggestions whenever it is in their best interest. Don’t hold back! That’s what you get paid for… keeping their best interest in mind.

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