4 Tips for a High Impact Value Proposition

November 3, 2009

When you tell potential clients what you do, you want to capture their attention and make them lust after your offer. How do you do this? Here are four tips:

1. Speak to critical need. You need to either (a) handle a problem they are facing right now, or (b) help them achieve a new level of performance. If you can solve a problem or help people get to the next stage in their growth, they’ll be interested.

2. Be specific; name the result. “I help freelancers get more work they enjoy. My techniques work in today’s tough economy.” What can your clients expect as a result of your offering?

3. Be terse. Don’t get involved in long explanations or drawn out methods. Just get to the point. Everyone appreciates it. Don’t beat around the bush. Find a way to say what you mean in the most efficient, tactful way possible.

4. Field test your value proposition. I recently wanted to design a yearlong CEO learning experience (now up and running) and so I went to meet with a CEO friend who was a perfect candidate for my program. I said to him, “Pat, I’m not here to sell you anything. I want you to help me think through this offer and I want your candid response. Blunt honesty will help me design something that is a success.” I took him off the hook immediately, and he had fun helping me with it. As a result I designed a series that is now a success, priced perfectly.


  1. Excellent post, Seth. Crisp and to the point and, most of all, on point. Well done.

  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

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  3. Great blog – added it today to my feed reader.

    Look forward to more.

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