Your Best Clients List

October 23, 2009

Your best clients are one of your most valuable assets. These include the people who have hired you, know you, love working with you, and whom you love working with. They also include those who consistently refer you to others.  Start a database or paper file to keep track of them. Enter notes from every interaction. Include personal information like birthdays and major life events.

Treat them with special care. Initiate contact with them regularly – I suggest monthly when you are not working with them. Jot them short emails with links to items of interest. Send them books they will enjoy. Write letters to them occasionally via snail mail.

Call on them to help you think through special projects that are close to your heart. Invite them to do the same. Periodically take them out for coffee, lunch, or dinner. Cultivate these relationships. When they face a particular challenge, personal or professional, send them resources, clippings, web pages that can help them out. They are more than clients – they form the network that sustains you and makes possible your work in the world.

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